A perfect combination of exquisite design and structural stability

Our Solana trademarked products and hardware were designed for simple installation and maximum durability.

Depending on your installation, specifications and the design you select, Solana provides  continuous support to help you choose the best mounting solution. Our products are modular to achieve your custom requirements. 


When designing your project, consider the following:

  • Exterior or interior location
  • Harsh environment: extreme heat or cold, major winds, etc.
  • Weight considerations
  • Material type
  • Material thickness
  • Overall dimensions
  • Square or linear footage
  • Permit consideration 
  • Mounting location

Vertical flange fold


Vertical flange fold


Vertical flange fold

Front flush option

Double fold

ModuFrame core bolt

Predrilled panel chanel frame

1” Standoff

1.5" + 3" available


Magnetic latch


Facade 4 corners

Foot flange cover

Fusion bracket

Panel clamp

Flush Duo

Duo bracket to channel panel frame

ModuFrame flush insert

With the flush frame, the panel is still secured with upper and lower extrusions, but it is flush against the mounting posts via vertical flange fold or fusion brackets.

ModuFrame floating insert

As the name implies, the panel ‘floats’ with an extended space between the panel and the vertical mounting posts and it is secured with our trademarked upper and lower panel channel frame.