Complete modularity that evolves with the trends

ModuStructure is an adaptive modular structure with endless configurations. ModuStructure becomes pergolas, meeting rooms, urban hangouts, shelters, rooftop patios and more with the amenities people need to thrive. The structures can be integrated for both interior and exterior usage. It is secure. It is interchangeable. It is beautiful. Welcome to ModuStructure.

The ModuStructure starts here

Your ModuStruture begins with a single base (sizes start at 10ft x 10ft) with an 8ft or 10ft height. Since our ModuStructures are produced per order, sizing customizations are endless. Add on various layouts and sections. Tier the structure by adding subdivisions in different heights.

Then the magic happens.

Enhancing your ModuStructure

Choose from endless vertical and horizontal options that have the ability to be changed as styles evolve. Create endless configurations based on your aesthetic goals, functional requirements, and layout.

Vertical and Horizontal Purlins

Vertical Panel

Horizontal Panel

Vertical Awning

Horizontal Awning

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