Connecting design & function

This Solana original trademark combines functionality and design in one complete look. The modern system consists of aluminum core, which ensures optimal stability, yet it is very light weight for easy installation.

How the ModuFrame works

Composed of aluminum vertical and horizontal extrusions, Solana’s ModuFrame allows for Solana panels to easily glide into place. Once in place, the extrusions seamlessly connect via core screws through predrilled holes.

Mounting the ModuFrame

A selection of brackets that easily attach to a wide variety of materials like wood, brick, concrete, stone etc.

ModuFrame H single

ModuFrame H double

ModuFrame floor to ceiling with lap joint

ModuFrame insert

ModuFrame flush insert

With the flush frame, the panel is still secured with upper and lower extrusions, but it is flush against the mounting posts via vertical flange fold or fusion brackets.

ModuFrame floating insert

As the name implies, the panel ‘floats’ between the vertical mounting posts and it is secured with our trademarked upper and lower panel channel frame.