Create space or distance where it matters most

Whether you want to create safety barriers, add dimension to a room, or heighten privacy, ModuParition has you covered. And with many configurations, materials and uses, Solana’s ModuParition’s come in all shapes and sizes.

How ModuPartition’s work

Our ModuParition’s are used to absorb sound in busy offices. They create privacy in restaurants. Or they are utilized as barriers to increase safety measures. Install them as a single fixed barrier, add different features like acoustical panels to absorb sound. Use it as a mobile partition with hospital grade acrylic featuring voice portals to meet social distancing guidelines. Our options are customized to meet your unique needs.

Mounting the ModuPartition

Depending on your product choice, ModuPartition’s can be fixed to the floor, ceiling or wall. The system can be installed to articulate various angles. They are also available to be free-standing and/or mobile (on wheels).

ModuPartition linear

ModuPartition curve

Connect with Solana Panel

The ModuPartition is custom in nature so please contact our team to discuss your needs.