One fence, endless configurations

Solana Panel takes fencing to the next level. A secure fencing system with unparalleled design. Privacy can be achieved through various panel transparencies.


Pick a height

Pick a standard height (6ft or 8ft) or tier these options. Ask us about custom sizes.


Choose your features

Choose your feature(s): Solana panels/design, glass, ModuBoard, ModuGate, fixed ModuLouvre


Mounting options

Select your mounting options depending: ModuFrame or vertical flange fold (VFF). Complete it with our ModuHardware.

ModuFence: Vertical flange fold

ModuFence: ModuFrame

ModuFence: ModuFrame (12 feet span)

ModuFence mounting options


We couple the ModuFence with our ModuFrame, a secure yet lightweight system to not only mount but also highlight each panel.

Flange fold

To achieve a seamless look, our production team bends the vertical sides of each panel and pre-fabs posts for simple installation.