We will continue to innovate and create. To take it to the next level. To be ahead of the curve, and to develop products that people remember. On this journey, we promise to have our customers with us each step of the way. For it is their ideas which inspire us and this synergy leads to the incredible.


We create 'wow' moments.

At Solana we come to work each day because we want to create beautiful pieces that 'wow'. Those moments are the ones that let people step back and appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer.

Located in Brantford, Ontario our founder, a master in mechanical automation wanted to eclipse her skills with her love of art, to design products with infinite possibilities.

As a team, we believe in laughter, doing the right thing, and dogs.

Female owned company & we’ve achieved a 50/50 gender balanced team.

We use locally sourced materials & we make our products in house.

We manufacture everything in Brantford, ON

We have ‘bring your dog to work’ days.



We realize how the choices we make today have an impact on the future of our environment and that is why we make a conscious effort to be eco-friendly in our business practices. Our products can contribute to LEED® v4 Materials and Resources credits. Governed by the Canada Green Building Council, LEED® v4 is the framework and benchmark for the next generation of green buildings. Through this certification, organizations can make smarter decisions for the efficiency and sustainability of their buildings and products. Solana is proud to be a part of this movement.

Ten (10) year all-inclusive Solana warranty

Our ten (10) year all-inclusive Solana warranty pertains to all Solana panels with standard and custom patterns. This warranty applies to any Solana structural elements and finish of Solana panels or products based on the following terms:


  • Installations must comply with local building codes and follow Solana installation requirements and guidelines.
  • This warranty does not include labour, installation, dismantling, or removal of the product to be returned for inspection but does cover return shipping costs.
  • Panels must use suggested fasteners and structural support.


  • Applies to Solana super durable 2604 (SD) powder coat finishes 10 Year on aluminum and 5 Year on steal by Solana against corrosion, rusting, tearing, blistering or cracking under normal and proper usage.
  • Steel, wood, copper, and other materials are to be maintained by the purchaser and covered under the Solana 5 Year warranty. The warranty is voided if panels are trimmed or altered.