Elevate the traditional railing

The little sister of the ModuFence, our ModuRailing goes up to 4ft. Picture a traditional railing set up. Now imagine it with a stunning custom panel. Our panels within the ModuRailing are made of durable aluminum at a gauge of 3/16”.

How the ModuRailing works

Our ModuRailing system is custom made for any length and pattern. The complete system comes with 2.5” square aluminum posts (available in our standard colours.) The panels in the ModuRailing are secured to the posts via vertical flange fold (seamless look) or with our ModuFrame (for wide lengths and to achieve a top railing modern look.)

Mounting the ModuRailing

Stamped by our Engineer, the ModuRailing can be set in the ground or surface mounted to a deck, rooftop or footing with Solana foot flanges. Let our team help you choose the proper pattern to ensure it meets building code.

ModuRailing with ModuFrame

ModuRailing with vertical flange fold

ModuRailing with optional accessories

With its simple setup and connectivity features, the ModuRailing can be installed within hours. Set the ModuRailing posts in the ground, on a deck, or footing.

• Maximum durability: the ModuRailing has been designed and engineered to comply with wind and lateral loads.
• Endless possibilities: add various options: panels, boards, glass, and gates.

• 6061 European grade commercial Aluminum
• 1/4” wall thickness structural
• 10 yr. warranty
• Marine grade primer
• Engineered designed and stamped