perforated grey metal panel. Trees pattern.


Think big. Now think even bigger.

This is the statement piece you see mounted to walls in hotels, parking garages, coliseums, building facades, and more. It is completely custom and is truly a work of art.

About the ModuFacade

Designers and architects utilize facades to conceal buildings, highlight main areas, and create dimension. Our ModuFacades are massive, and since no two are alike, people pay attention to them.

Advantages of a façade

Impressive aesthetic

Façades empower architects to add a unique personality to the exterior building structure.


By balancing ventilation, a façade manages light penetration, regulates heat, and minimizes solar impact.

Protection from the elements

A façade system is a shield against damage from high winds, rains, and extreme temperatures.

Increased fresh air

The façades’ pattern acts as an air filter; regulating the air flow and reducing airborne particles to ensure a fresher indoor environment.

Noise control

Due to its extreme durability, a façade controls the noise impact on the surrounding area of the building.


Façades are sustainable in two ways: they reduce energy use and are typically made from recycled materials.